Sophia Oscar

A match made in heaven.

We make delicious espresso with our beautiful La Marzocco Linea espresso machine, also known as Sophia. We love her.

The water filtration system that we use is a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis system that produces the purest water possible to ensure that your drinks are delicious every single time. Our beans are roasted to perfection by the Spice Merchant and then ground mere moments before your drink bursts forth into existence at our loving hands.

Oscar, the grinder, is a Mahlkonig K30 Vario grinder that uses a double conical burr system to produce the kind of consistently uniform coffee grind necessary for superior espresso. The ability to change the grind on the fly and the "grind-on-demand" hopperless system make our espresso remarkably fresh, bright and smooth — just like yo mamma.

We make cold-brew coffee using the Toddy commercial system. It produces drinks that are so smooth, delicious and low in acid that you might never go back to brewed coffee again.

The essence of Espresso To Go Go is quality, speed and pride in what we do. All of these things come together for a perfect storm of delicious coffee to make our days and lives better.

Our philosophy is not to go so fast that our quality is compromised, but to go just fast enough to ensure that you have the best drink possible, consistently, in the shortest amount of time. Our lack of seating is a reflection of our philosophy— high speed, low drag. We spend our money where it counts: on our equipment, our ingredients and our people. There are so many different places to get quality food and entertainment in downtown Wichita that we chose to focus on doing one thing right, our coffee. Spread the love and visit all of the fine establishments in downtown Wichita, preferably with an Espresso To Go Go cup in your hand — and tell them that we sent you.